Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NO. The MAIN problem is right here in the USA. All those Jammers and idiots are the real problem. I know you are after KFM as a personal Vendetta, but the truth is, your time would be better spent helping to hunt down your fellow hams this side of the border that are creating the QRM and willful interference.
Now, You'll probably come after me AGAIN for saying this, but I have to question anyone that opens a website using someone else's call.
Oh yeah, please do NOT threaten me this time, like the last time….
BTW, I don't think Riley has the same high opinion of you as YOU claim!!
So, if you want to make 275 better, start with you and then start listening to your friends and neighbors. Once we get all those guys behind bars, we can move on. [Ed.: Ex abundanti cautela, Brian CROW K3VR should go 1st.]
Next, Stop hosting a website using someone else's call sign.

How would you respond if I hosted a website named K3VR.COM and then just trashed you
Maybe that is what KFM should consider .... Perhaps.…

Gordon N6WK in “Trash on 14.275” on 30 Aug ’07

again we see Dloyd who open a blog for a time under KB9RQZ and still seems to be runing a blog as KD8CTL (and thereby attacking my wife as well a 2 fer of crows profile
There is ZERO justification for jamming another ham, regardless of that ham's behavior. None at all. Not even in an emergency. And it definitely is exactly like some of the CB channels, where the only activity is jamming.

Ed W5HTW in “Self-appointed, sensors of amateur radio” on 23 Aug ’07

which is exactly what I was being subjected to on RRAP and still am still I decided to resists the medium beig very different thatn Ham radio

atacking the wives

I am one of the “lid weirdo’s” who contacted 2550 Mosside Blvd. My intention was to talk with YOU Brian, concerning your posting of my wife’s personal information on your web site. I have seen many “radio wars” in the past but one thing all combatants agreed to was that family was excluded and out of bounds. You feel that nothing is out of bounds as I have witnessed in the past in your effort to harass anyone who speaks with Karol F. MADERA - VE7KFM. You are obsessed with Karol to the point that it is psychotic. As a so-called “mental health professional” you should be aware that your actions are irrational to say the least. It must be very frustrating to you that your letters to the chief of police in my town concerning “box of spiders” and other nonsense about my wife have resulted in absolutely no consequence whatsoever to myself or my wife but have given everyone an idea of the kind of person you are. Also Karol, despite your best attempts, continues to transmit and shoves crap in your face every time he gets on. Brian, you are a fraud and a coward hiding behind aliases, and a man with some deep-seated emotional issues.

David WA1BHV in “Ruining the Hobby for me…” on 27 Jun ’07 [shortly before the thread disparued]

again who else but crow would do as Dloyd has done hacked out of the net my wifes list of purchases over the years and post them to rrrap and post them to a now defunt blog

the simplest conclusion thtat fits the fact is likely to b e the correct one

that I have heard of no one but Dloyd and Crow enaging in this sort of despectable tactic is circumstancail but compelling eveidence that Crow is "Dloyd" the next order probility is someone trying to hide in his shadow
Ed, You have about 30 seconds to remove your comment from qrz calling me a liar and a fraud and to make a complete and unreserved apology or I'm going to slap you with the biggest defamation per se lawsuit you ever saw. You'll be giving me your paychecks for years. I put up with Karol's crap because he has nothing of interest and he's in a foreign jurisdiction, but you are in my jurisdiction. This is a good lesson for your 'journalism career.' The smartest thing you could do would be to forget my name and callsign from now on. [Ed.: Take your own advice, Brian, you Psycho.]
Brian K3VR’s 1st threatening e-mail to Ed KB3JGU 25 Jun ‘07

an interesting parralele to dloyd insisting he was going to own my home as result of my making a report concerning my suspisions and fear concerning K3VR and his grandson
If you are here because of Brian Crow you need to realize his address at 2550 Mosside BLVD is a psychologist’s office in Pittsburgh and Brian is probably an out patient hiding behind that address. Brian is obsessive-compulsive…. We do not think he is dangerous, but YOU NEVER KNOW!!! He has set himself up as the “channel master” and determines who you may talk with….

David WA1HBV QRZ Bio as of 5 Mar ’07 [shortly before it disparued]

a tlling would be more convincing if I could confirm it myself but Dloyd delorean inst on being Group master on RRAP and determining not what can be posted but who is allowed to post, and who is allowed to respond to whpom and what means they may use
I answered you as a private person but you edited my opinion and posted on your website…

to use as a weapon against Karol Madera.

You also posted the recordings of my QSO with KZ8O to show that Karol is interfering with our QSO. I did not hear any interference, and Mike did not report any. There was no interference! Unfair!
You just pulled me in to that conflict to use against the other side….
Brian, remove my statement and the recording from your website…. [Ed.: Good Luck!]

Bogdan W4EEH’s pitiful pidgin-Polish plaint [written by his son] after being “used” by Brian ‘Psycho’ K3VR 19 Oct ‘06

the tendecy of Dloyddeleroan to tak e my quote "edit" them and post them them out of context is a Common MO between Dloyd and Crow

this blog will consist my sahring some notable quotes made Karol ve7kfm

a purpose of mine is to preserve and sort out of some of the quotes of K3VR and other that tend to convince me K3VR is also either part of the Dloyd Dleoran mess or the whole I know not nor care which