Friday, December 5, 2008

weird shit from topix

[Y]ou are the type of person that hurts the reputation of writers and researchers that go for truth not speculation just to pretend they are saying something...go back to your ham buddies, they don't care for you too.

A FRIEND in "Cold Case No More"ß read it to see 'Boob' manic MO--on 16 Oct '08

[Y]ou're wrong again. Where do you find your info or do you just guess? Stop misleading. If you don't know, don't write it.

A FRIEND gives good advice to 'Boob' in "Cold Case No More" on 11 Nov '08

I am a friend of justice and true facts. Sorry if you feel this is impugning your character. But not being sure of what you write or post, without making sure they are facts, does tell us much about your character. It also gives a bad name to responsible writers. It is not the responsibility of others to correct you. It is your job to know what you're doing.

A FRIEND getting the measure of 'Boob' in "Cold Case No More" on 12 Nov '08

I just heard Dateline will be airing their story in February. If you have questions, ask me. I have read and studied all the discovery, not just 122 pages. All together there were over 2 thousand pages. To give fair, honest answers, I will look into it if I don't have the answer, but I will not give you my theory and try to push it on you as if it were fact.
Yes, it's been so pleasant without Mr. Sherin in here for a week. Heah!!!!!! …. Dateline has video of Bob Sherin being escorted out of the courtroom by the Bailiff. They even came up with background story on Bob Sherin, now that will be amusing.

A FRIEND about 'Boob' getting the Boot in "Cold Case No More" on 27 Nov '08

Inappropriate behavior. He was irritating and disrupting to the prosecutor, Soren's, and all others in the courtroom. Passing notes, allowing his computer to make noise, finally there were too many complaints and the judge had him removed from the courtroom and he was told not to return..
In fairness he was asked many times to stop being annoying. I guess he chose not to stop..

A FRIEND elaborating on 'Boob's Boot' in "Cold Case No More" on 28 Nov '08