Friday, December 5, 2008

weird shit from topix

[Y]ou are the type of person that hurts the reputation of writers and researchers that go for truth not speculation just to pretend they are saying something...go back to your ham buddies, they don't care for you too.

A FRIEND in "Cold Case No More"ß read it to see 'Boob' manic MO--on 16 Oct '08

[Y]ou're wrong again. Where do you find your info or do you just guess? Stop misleading. If you don't know, don't write it.

A FRIEND gives good advice to 'Boob' in "Cold Case No More" on 11 Nov '08

I am a friend of justice and true facts. Sorry if you feel this is impugning your character. But not being sure of what you write or post, without making sure they are facts, does tell us much about your character. It also gives a bad name to responsible writers. It is not the responsibility of others to correct you. It is your job to know what you're doing.

A FRIEND getting the measure of 'Boob' in "Cold Case No More" on 12 Nov '08

I just heard Dateline will be airing their story in February. If you have questions, ask me. I have read and studied all the discovery, not just 122 pages. All together there were over 2 thousand pages. To give fair, honest answers, I will look into it if I don't have the answer, but I will not give you my theory and try to push it on you as if it were fact.
Yes, it's been so pleasant without Mr. Sherin in here for a week. Heah!!!!!! …. Dateline has video of Bob Sherin being escorted out of the courtroom by the Bailiff. They even came up with background story on Bob Sherin, now that will be amusing.

A FRIEND about 'Boob' getting the Boot in "Cold Case No More" on 27 Nov '08

Inappropriate behavior. He was irritating and disrupting to the prosecutor, Soren's, and all others in the courtroom. Passing notes, allowing his computer to make noise, finally there were too many complaints and the judge had him removed from the courtroom and he was told not to return..
In fairness he was asked many times to stop being annoying. I guess he chose not to stop..

A FRIEND elaborating on 'Boob's Boot' in "Cold Case No More" on 28 Nov '08

Sunday, May 25, 2008

a leter from Karol to (censored)


Thank you very much for your kind e-mail, 'warts and all'.

I remember you well, because of you (censored) and otherwise and thank you for the 'inside' scoop on Fat Mikee KZ8O.

I'm not surprised that you received an e-mail from the cretin shortly after our QSO trying to poison/turn you against me, because that seems to be their MO lately.
I've had numerous similar reports, one for example from as far as a serious DX'er in Argentina, to that same effect....
It's the "if you's not with us, you's agin' us" irrespective of the merits syndrome, I fear....

Being from (censored) I'm not sure if you're hearing Fat Mikee, or Brian CROW K3VR & Co.
Irrespective, I'm certain you do NOT hear them at s.9+20-30 dB as I routinely do, keyed CB-fashion in sync. with my correspondents [because they can't blot out my signal]....
You may or may not therefore realize that my "colourful diction" is in exasperation/reply to repeated loop-type re-broadcasts of various misleading garbage, especially URLs of anonymous, FRAUDulent websites seemingly as-if-mine, being played malicious QRM fashion, on top of me/my correspondents, w/o benefit of call-sign, sometimes for hours on end....
This is clearly Criminal behaviour on your as well as our side of the border....

My "colourful language" in occasional exasperating reply I admit is not nice and is regrettable even by me....
But I don't know what else to do, since they lay in wait for me for hours/days....
They have Ic 756's [with spectrum scopes for that very reason], follow me [and even my occasional correspondents when they're operating solo] around the Band, even QRM our split freq., interfere when we converse strictly in another language they presumably do not understand, etc., etc.
But, I'm sure that you know the score, otherwise you would not have monitored/e-mailed me ab initio....

And, my diction in defence/reply/brutal explanation of who is doing what to whom/what is what [the FRAUDulent URLs chiefly refer] is legal the last I checked in MY Canada....
If my IC [which is being BCc'd herein] or our other Authorities [competent or as usual otherwise] consider it illegal in all the circumstances, I expect them, in typical Canadian fashion, to initially gently let me know their concerns, before we take them "elsewhere"....

FYI This has all been happening for 6+ years, with the blessing and even active encouragement of your Riley HOLLINGSWORTH K4ZDH 1st against Glenn BAXTER K1MAN [neither friend nor enemy] and for the past 2+ years virtually w/o respite against me....

As you know, last year at Dayton Riley even took several defamatory public swipes at me, but the coward didn't have the balls to call me by name/call-sign....
Over the past year and yesterday, the misfits, with your Fat Mikee at the fore, routinely even use Riley's doctored Dayton speech with which to maliciously QRM me/my correspondents....
It does NOT get any more telling/blatant--and Criminal--than that....

FYI Riley is an incompetent and unprincipled bureaucrat who is jumping ship this June just as Congress was about to put his hand on the Bible and set him up for the "Martha STEWART" treatment concerning his perverse enfArcement regime these past ~10 years....
I like to think that I've had a small contributory part in his RE-retirement....
I list a few of the main links on my hard-to-find website beneath my signature for your convenience, if you have not recently [or ever] tripped across them....

I again thank you for your kind e-mail and close with an old Polish saying which was well-known to your brave and famous ancestor: Za Wasza Wolnosc i Nasza [For Your Freedom & Ours].

73 GL & I hope to talk to you again some day on 20m.


the (censored)'s are my doing to exclude Iding Karol correspondent
the following is one of the lines I want to focus on
My "colourful language" in occasional exasperating reply I admit is not nice and is regrettable even by me....

there you see a key reason I am not opposed to Karol

the lines that show us a frustred and harrassed Man

we all have out limits

No one should have to put up with this shit No Ve&kfm Not N9OGL who I have heard being treated this way

not Myself not mr (censored)

no one but RH has let it go on

personaly I completely disagree with Karol Polictcal opinions I think we should have invaded Iraq I think finaly we are again on a road that can lead to victory I voted cro GW 3 times (once for gov of Texas) I will vote for John McCain. I think it would a disaster if the USA loses this war likely fatal for millions if not tens or even hunderds of million of people I a right wionger I feel (althought the right edge has moved a look further right of than I feel it was even 10 years ago

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I do NOT approve of the guys here in the US that deliberately QRM someone else. YES, you know who you are and so do the rest of us. If little old me from southern California knows, then I am sure a smart fellow like Riley knows as well. Riley needs to step up and start cleaning house here in the US.It's time he starts taking licenses for it, don't you agree?

Gordon N6WK in "Is 14.275 Mhz normal amateur radio?" on 9 Apr '08

no Gordon it is wellpast time that RH started taking licenses, nor am I as scertain that RH is bright enough to know. years in Govt service trbaeling to hamfest public expense (a nice job I take it myself if I could get it) does tend to dull the mind of even the brightest of us

Monday, April 7, 2008

lastest from

Frauds, Criminals, and Identity Thieves, Oh My!

A man, posing as a female, hijacked the callsign of KA1HOT this week on a popular Internet site. The purpose of the hijack was to defame two individuals who have been critical of Karol Madera, VE7KFM. Shortly following the first hijack, a second hijack occurred, also perpetrated by a man posing as a woman. More defamatory comments ensued. Fortunately, both frauds were discovered in short order and traced to men who have previously echoed Karol Madera's malicious defamation.

As if on cue, three of Madera's regular supporters joined the thread in defense of Madera. One of them, well known liar, Junior Oswald, W3DUB, a pimply newcomer to amateur radio, called for the thread's immediate shut down. As usual, Oswald's wishes were ignored. Oswald's history of support for Madera was revealed, piece by piece, and his extreme hypocrisy exposed.

Next, it was notorious identity thief and chronic liar, Whitney Tritch's turn at bat. Tritch, N3ZV, was likewise revealed to be a hypocrite with a sad history. Last October Tritch was discovered stealing a sick and elderly man's identity for the purpose of posting defamation at the same website.

Finally, the third notorious liar in the now infamous trio appeared. Gordon Benjamin, N6WK, made several odious deposits which were immediately flushed from the forum. One of Benjamin's remarks even hinted at a dark conspiracy piloted by an administrator of the site. Like Oswald and Tritch, Benjamin was ignored, and inasmuch as many of their remarks disappeared within seconds, their attempts at spreading more of Madera's malicious defamation are deemed a failure.

Tritch and Oswald were previously banned from the website, while Benjamin was warned, and Madera remains banned. Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ, is also banned permanently for repeating malicious lies on the website. All five have been justifiably and soundly ridiculed by their peers. It is apparent that Madera and his small band of deluded sycophants will leave no lie untold as they attempt to create havoc and ruin the reputations of decent and law abiding netizens.

why does someone publish this sort of crap indeed I am being accused on one hand editing this very materail and why would I produce this

it seems to this bloger that the authors of the site have finaly gone the deep end