Thursday, April 10, 2008

I do NOT approve of the guys here in the US that deliberately QRM someone else. YES, you know who you are and so do the rest of us. If little old me from southern California knows, then I am sure a smart fellow like Riley knows as well. Riley needs to step up and start cleaning house here in the US.It's time he starts taking licenses for it, don't you agree?

Gordon N6WK in "Is 14.275 Mhz normal amateur radio?" on 9 Apr '08

no Gordon it is wellpast time that RH started taking licenses, nor am I as scertain that RH is bright enough to know. years in Govt service trbaeling to hamfest public expense (a nice job I take it myself if I could get it) does tend to dull the mind of even the brightest of us

Monday, April 7, 2008

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Frauds, Criminals, and Identity Thieves, Oh My!

A man, posing as a female, hijacked the callsign of KA1HOT this week on a popular Internet site. The purpose of the hijack was to defame two individuals who have been critical of Karol Madera, VE7KFM. Shortly following the first hijack, a second hijack occurred, also perpetrated by a man posing as a woman. More defamatory comments ensued. Fortunately, both frauds were discovered in short order and traced to men who have previously echoed Karol Madera's malicious defamation.

As if on cue, three of Madera's regular supporters joined the thread in defense of Madera. One of them, well known liar, Junior Oswald, W3DUB, a pimply newcomer to amateur radio, called for the thread's immediate shut down. As usual, Oswald's wishes were ignored. Oswald's history of support for Madera was revealed, piece by piece, and his extreme hypocrisy exposed.

Next, it was notorious identity thief and chronic liar, Whitney Tritch's turn at bat. Tritch, N3ZV, was likewise revealed to be a hypocrite with a sad history. Last October Tritch was discovered stealing a sick and elderly man's identity for the purpose of posting defamation at the same website.

Finally, the third notorious liar in the now infamous trio appeared. Gordon Benjamin, N6WK, made several odious deposits which were immediately flushed from the forum. One of Benjamin's remarks even hinted at a dark conspiracy piloted by an administrator of the site. Like Oswald and Tritch, Benjamin was ignored, and inasmuch as many of their remarks disappeared within seconds, their attempts at spreading more of Madera's malicious defamation are deemed a failure.

Tritch and Oswald were previously banned from the website, while Benjamin was warned, and Madera remains banned. Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ, is also banned permanently for repeating malicious lies on the website. All five have been justifiably and soundly ridiculed by their peers. It is apparent that Madera and his small band of deluded sycophants will leave no lie untold as they attempt to create havoc and ruin the reputations of decent and law abiding netizens.

why does someone publish this sort of crap indeed I am being accused on one hand editing this very materail and why would I produce this

it seems to this bloger that the authors of the site have finaly gone the deep end