Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I answered you as a private person but you edited my opinion and posted on your website…

to use as a weapon against Karol Madera.

You also posted the recordings of my QSO with KZ8O to show that Karol is interfering with our QSO. I did not hear any interference, and Mike did not report any. There was no interference! Unfair!
You just pulled me in to that conflict to use against the other side….
Brian, remove my statement and the recording from your website…. [Ed.: Good Luck!]

Bogdan W4EEH’s pitiful pidgin-Polish plaint [written by his son] after being “used” by Brian ‘Psycho’ K3VR 19 Oct ‘06

the tendecy of Dloyddeleroan to tak e my quote "edit" them and post them them out of context is a Common MO between Dloyd and Crow

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