Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ed, You have about 30 seconds to remove your comment from qrz calling me a liar and a fraud and to make a complete and unreserved apology or I'm going to slap you with the biggest defamation per se lawsuit you ever saw. You'll be giving me your paychecks for years. I put up with Karol's crap because he has nothing of interest and he's in a foreign jurisdiction, but you are in my jurisdiction. This is a good lesson for your 'journalism career.' The smartest thing you could do would be to forget my name and callsign from now on. [Ed.: Take your own advice, Brian, you Psycho.]
Brian K3VR’s 1st threatening e-mail to Ed KB3JGU 25 Jun ‘07

an interesting parralele to dloyd insisting he was going to own my home as result of my making a report concerning my suspisions and fear concerning K3VR and his grandson

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