Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NO. The MAIN problem is right here in the USA. All those Jammers and idiots are the real problem. I know you are after KFM as a personal Vendetta, but the truth is, your time would be better spent helping to hunt down your fellow hams this side of the border that are creating the QRM and willful interference.
Now, You'll probably come after me AGAIN for saying this, but I have to question anyone that opens a website using someone else's call.
Oh yeah, please do NOT threaten me this time, like the last time….
BTW, I don't think Riley has the same high opinion of you as YOU claim!!
So, if you want to make 275 better, start with you and then start listening to your friends and neighbors. Once we get all those guys behind bars, we can move on. [Ed.: Ex abundanti cautela, Brian CROW K3VR should go 1st.]
Next, Stop hosting a website using someone else's call sign.

How would you respond if I hosted a website named K3VR.COM and then just trashed you
Maybe that is what KFM should consider .... Perhaps.…

Gordon N6WK in “Trash on 14.275” on 30 Aug ’07

again we see Dloyd who open a blog for a time under KB9RQZ and still seems to be runing a blog as KD8CTL (and thereby attacking my wife as well a 2 fer of crows profile

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